Warsman's Collection

I collected these back in the 80's. My grandmother would bring me to the store and I'd pick these up because they were cheaper than Transformers, Gobots, or even He-man. 4 figures for a buck... can't beat that. Then I moved away. During the move I lost all my figures. I decided about a year ago to restart my collection.

My goal start only to relive the memory , but when I saw Kinnikuman, I altered my goal to figure out the story line of the toys that brought me so much joy.

- John "Warsman" Carney

Muscle Collection:
  • About 500 Muscles
  • Mega Match game (missing Olive figures)
  • Muscle Nes game

Ultimate Muscle Collection:
  • 2 sets of the 1.5's
  • 1 set of the 6.5
  • Almost a full set of the CCG with 600 cards

  • Manga: 4 issues
  • 2 Romando (more coming soon)
  • VCD of every episodes of Ultimate Muscle
  • VCD of 4 episodes of Kinnikuman