The Fox and Tortle Show!

Story and Graphics by Nathan
Fox and the show concept created by Darrin Vindiola
Tortle created by Nathan

The Boba Bonanza (Episode 1)
In the first episode, Fox and Tortle interview the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett! (1999)

Special F-X (Episode 2)
This episode is highlighted by a special exclusive interview with a Lucasfilm insider! (1999)

Arm Pitt (Episode 3)
Fox and Tortle interview the ever-elusive Brad Pitt! (1999)

The Destruction of Nathan's MUSCLE Page - Part 1 (Episode 4)
Nathan's MUSCLE Page is DESTROYED! And of course Fox and Tortle are involved! (2000)

The Destruction of Nathan's MUSCLE Page - Part 2 (Episode 5)
Fox and Tortle restore Nathan's MUSCLE Page to its former greatness! But what to do with that last wish... (2000)

Is This Goodbye?! (Episode 6)
The Fox and Tortle Show is cancelled! But both Fox and Tortle use this opportunity to pursue solo careers!

The Afterlife, Part 1: Creator Cremation! (Episode 7)
Fox and Tortle are back and interview the guy responsible for all this, Nathan himself! (July 2002)

The Afterlife, Part 2: DEATH! (Episode 8)
Fox and Tortle exist in a disembodied state of toy limbo! (September 2002)

The Afterlife, Part 3: H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! (Episode 9)
Fox and Tortle's toy limbo is over! But where will they end up..? (September 2002)

The Afterlife, Part 4: Fox and Tortle Ate My Balls! (Episode 10)
The concept just keeps getting funnier and funnier! (November 2002)

The Afterlife, Part 5: Heaven! (Episode 11)
Fox and Tortle finally reach the Pearly White Gates of Heaven! (June 2005)