Ultimate Muscle FoxBox Preview

The FoxBox Preview is the first official American Ultimate Muscle collectible! This was a freebie given away at Toys R Us stores to promote the Fox Saturday morning line-up, called "FoxBox".

The FoxBox preview package came with a VHS tape, a CD-ROM, a sticker sheet, a Mega-Blocks catalogue, and a cool TMNT comic (which was surprisingly close to the original comic... but, let's concentrate on Ultimate Muscle). Inside the box are printed more details and art regarding the shows.

The VHS tape shows the beginning title sequence of the show, as well as an all-too-brief preview of the action! The sticker sheet shows Kid Muscle himself (I included the Ninja Turtle too, just because he's cool).

But the real treat in this packet is the CD-ROM! Check out the cool cover, as well as the nifty decal on the CD! The FoxBox program on the CD features plenty of cool Kinnikuman related stuff: the title sequence and the theme music of the show, bios and a general story arc (very similar to the online content), wallpaper, screensavers, and coloring pictures. The user interface is very cool!

Although I might be making too big a deal of this with all this coverage, I feel like it's justified since this is the first American MUSCLE-related collectible in 17 years. What a great introduction to the series!