My Fan Art Gallery featuring M.U.S.C.L.E.s and other LRGs

Pirate Lion once again becomes the subject matter in Fan Art Challenge #22: Pirate Lion Mash-ups. I meshed Pirate Lion with Lion-O from Thundercats with this piece inked with Sharpee and colored with crayons.

Fan Art Challenge #21: MUSCLE Zombies was one of my favorite FACs to date. MUSCLEs + zombies = sheer awesomeness! I decided on a zombie claw, which was inked with Sharpee and colored in Photoshop. The color variation in the skin and exposed musculature turned out pretty well, I think.

I returned once more to my man Pirate Lion for Fan Art Challenge #19: Beastformers - Call of the Wild. The theme involved Battle Beasts returning to their beastly roots. Media are Sharpee and crayon.

Fan Art Challenge #18 combines two awesomenesses: Little Rubber Guys and Masters of the Universe! My entry was a combination of Ashuraman and Man-E-Faces. I figured that the multi-faced Ashuraman would thematically go really well with Man-E.

This piece, for Fan Art Challenge #17: Gormiti/Fistful of Power, was totally self-indulgent. I went for sort of a Charlie's Angels theme with three of my favorite turtles: Leonardo, a Gormiti sea turtle, and Tortle himself! I actually like how this turned out... I might Photoshop it and color it one day.

For Fan Art Challenge #17: Gormiti/Fistful of Power, I decided to use my favorite Gormiti, Tasarau, for the subject matter. And to make it a bit more interesting, I did a simple inked piece (Sharpee of course) on construction paper for a monochromatic effect.

The theme for Fan Art Challenge #15 featured Kinkeshi, Exogini, SD, Cosmix, and Ultimate Muscle. I decided to go with Tyrannoclaw from Ultimate Muscle since he has a dinosaur theme. But I wanted him to have a sense of realism, so I tried to make the proportions somewhat realistic. Media: crayons, Sharpee.

Fan Art Challenge #13 was all about Madballs, Weirdballs, and Boglins. This entry featured 80s cartoon characters in the Madball style! Media: Photoshop.

The theme for Fan Art Challenge #12 was Little Rubber Guys vs. Capcom. Since I'm such a huge fan of the ZOMBIEs line, and I wanted to branch out and do other LRG lines, I decided to include them in the picture. Media: colored pencil, Sharpee.

This was my second entry in FAC #11: Mythical Battle Beasts: Tiamat! The Tiamat heads are inspired by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. I based the armor on large construction vehicles to give it a massive look. For scale purposes and to add a bit of drama, I included Muscleman as the protagonist. As you can see, Muscleman obtained the legendary sword of Pirate Lion, which is the only weapon that can destroy Tiamat! Media: watercolor, Sharpee.

FAC #11 was about depicting mythological creatures as Battle Beasts. I chose good ol' Sasquatch as my subject. This was my first try with colored pencils, but I think I managed to get some cool effects (with the help of my wife).

The theme of FAC #10 was to depict a LRG line as kids. So I chose Army Ants... but before they were Army Ants, they were Army Larvae! To up the kid-factor, I used construction paper as the media.

This was my second entry for the "Reanimated" Fan Art Challenge #9. I wanted to do something with the cartoon aspect of this contest, so I did a Family Guy inspired theme. Media: Sharpee, Micropen, and crayon.

Fan Art Challenge #9 had a "Reanimated" theme, so I did this picture of a Zombie Ram Battle Beast. The media are india ink, Sharpee, and Micropen.

This watercolor painting was for LRG Fan Art Challenge #8, which had a Claw theme! I did this portrait of the Claw Family (clockwise from top-left): Grampa Claw, Daddy Claw, Mommy Claw, Teen-angst Claw, and Bratty Claw.

The theme of LRG Fan Art Challenge #7 was Battle Beasts, so I chose to depict one of my favorite beasts: Sledgehammer Elephant! The media are Sharpee, MicroPen, and crayon.

This was my second entry for the LRG Fan Art Challenge #6 that had a Buffaloman theme.

LRG Fan Art Challenge #6 had a Buffaloman/Terri-Bull theme, and this was my entry. It's dimensions are 18x24 inches. I decided to not color this one and keep it in black and white. I really liked its dramatic look after inking it, and I just didn't have the heart to color it. Sharp-eyed Batman/Superman fans will notice that it was inspired by a shot from Batman/Superman #29.

The theme of LRG Fan Art Challenge #4 was to depict a character from the MCW. Of course, I couldn't resist showing the most infamous MCW member of all: Nasty Naked Lester! Don't worry, the shot here is censored, so you won't see any nastiness... although you'll likely still feel a good deal of revulsion. Lester here was directly inspired by Michaelangelo's David. The media are ink (namely, Sharpee) and crayon.

Here I decided to paint my fantasy MUSCLE 4-pack that includes my favorite figures. (Of course, Tortle and the Urinal Guy were never available in 4-packs, so it's not entirely accurate.) The painting is done in watercolor, with ink (read: Sharpee) detailing.

Fan Art Challenge #3 was to design an original character that could fit in with the MUSCLE or Battle Beast line. My idea was this T-Rex Battle Beast, which would be part of a line of skeletal beasts called "Battle Beasts: Extinction"!

This was another entry for a Little Rubber Guys contest, a watercolor painting with ink details (18" x 24"). Check out the other entries, all of which rock!

This was designed for a Fan Art Contest at The challenge was to integrate MUSCLEs and Battle Beasts. This is Battle Tortle!