Jason's Collection

Here is a quick explanation of my pics. The big pic with everything is pretty much my whole set. It includes my complete set of fleshies, my four packs, a complete set of 2nd Generation small figs first series 1-4, Exogini, Kinnikumen and Kinkeshi, all of my colored bags (all colors are originals; no doubles per color), my rares, my DVD, my battle series, my display cases, and my Romando dolls.

The smaller pics are some favorite parts of my collection... my 16 sealed ten-packs, Satan Cross four-pack, my X-2, and my Kinnikuman comic books.

A little about me: I had about a hundred of these guys as a kid, they were my favorite toys by far. I could spend all day playing with these little guys. I joined the Navy and kind of forgot about them until a year ago. Since then, I have become obsessed with them and have amassed the collection you see here.

- Jason Moore