Fox and Tortle Show, Episode X

The Fox and Tortle Show Ate My Balls!

Waitaminnit... where are we?
Tortle? TORTLE! Snap out of it, man!

Oohh... what the?!
Where are we?
I'm not exactly sure...

Fox... look at this page! Horrible design... cliched content... stupid and unfunny jokes... we're in an ATE MY BALLS page!!!
NO! That can't be! What are we doing here?!

That laugh... ArForbes? No, it's SATAN!! But I thought...

You thought wrong, fool! I only let you think you were in control of Hell while I meticulously devised your own personal torture! Welcome to an eternity of unoriginal content, atrocious quality control, and inexcusable grammar!
This can't be true! You wait until our webmaster hears of this...

HA HA HA!!! You just don't get it, do you?! Nathan is no longer here... say hello to your new webmaster!
Hi, guysh! I wrote that Ate My Ballsh page myshelf! It'sh sho funny, ishn't it? Hee hee hee...

OH NO!!! Mekaneck!!!
The dorkiest man in the universe!!!

I have plenty of plansh for you guysh. We'll have sho much fun! In the next epishode, I'm going to do a parody of the Mahir page with you guysh in it! I kissh you! It'll be great!

No, no... a thousand times, NO! This is our fate?! An eternity of cheesy, unfunny, and stale dorkdom?!

That's right, mendicants! What do you have to say about your own Hell?

Well, I just have to say... Wow!
I'm impressed, Satan.
Yeah, this is much better than your last idea of Hell for us. You've really improved! Good job!

Gosh, you really think so?
Yeah! You really pulled out all the stops for this one. I don't think I could have done better myself! You're one sick dude for coming up with all this!

Really? Wow, that means alot coming from you guys! *sniff* Thanks!

No problem, man! You deserve the praise! This is a sick, twisted Hell you designed for us!
Say, I don't mean to be ungrateful, I know you spent alot of time on this... but we don't really have to stay here with this Mekadork, do we?

Of course not, guys! I'm sorry if I freaked you out... I just wanted to prove that I still had it, you know?
We completely understand! See ya later, man!

Aw, man... I thought we would all be friendsh. We can shtill be beshtesht buddiesh, right, Shatan?
I'm SO going to enjoy torturing you...

So where are we going now, Fox?
Well Tortle, we've been to Limbo and Hell... there's only one place left...