Factory Errors

No action figure production process is perfect, and MUSCLE is no exception. They're rare, but every once in a while a MUSCLE figure that has some sort of production error pops up. More common are mold distortions where figures are bent out of shape, but here we explore the more rare variety of MUSCLE birth defects.

Green "Hulk" #63

TheGodBeast over at the Little Rubber Guys forums found this guy, a green two-toned Goriki (#63). This MUSCLE doesn't appear to be the product of a color fade, nor does it appear to be the result of some sort of dyeing process. It's probably a factory error caused by different shades of pellets, or residue from one color pellet mixing with the normal color pellet.

Handless #081

Here's another weirdo... an Amoiman (#81) with malformed hands. This was probably caused by the plastic injection process cutting off before it completely filled-out the mold. Thanks to Justin (Bellatrix101) who posted a link to the auction featuring this figure on the Little Rubber Guys forums. I'm not sure who was the author of the pic though, so please let me know if you posted that auction.

Plastic Injection Error Niku #60

This figure is from the collection of Arforbes.

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