Hot Wheels M.U.S.C.L.E. Hauler

Prototype MUSCLE Hauler, courtesy of the MPS.

The MUSCLE Hiway Hauler was a prototype Hot Wheels car that never saw production. The sculpt, like many similar haulers, was based on the 1980 Hot Wheels Workhorses Hiway Hauler. The MUSCLE Hauler prototype seems like its just a basic Hiway Hauler with a white MUSCLE decal.
Strangely, the decal doesn't match the color scheme of other MUSCLE products. The "explosion" color seems a bit lighter than the MUSCLE packaging and the dots aren't filled with orange. Also, on the driver's side decal, the left-top part of the "M" is cut in a weird way on the Hauler's logo, as is the right-top side of the "E". On the other side, the decal has a skinny "C". See Dr. Frankenstein's father's MUSCLE Hauler for details.

You can use the repro logo below to make your own custom MUSCLE Hiway Hauler! Just click on the thumb, right-click on the image, and select "Save Image As". Rare MUSCLE Stuff has specific instructions on how to make your own custom Hauler. You may have to adjust the Brightness/Contrast of the logo depending on your printer.

Prototype MUSCLE Hauler 2 from the collection of Dr. Frankenstein's father (note the differences between the decals on either side)

MUSCLE Hauler Decal Repro (driver's side) by Nathan Newell

Custom MUSCLE Hauler by Skorpjone

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