Fox and Tortle Show, Episode XI

A Recap

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Fox and Tortle's adventures in the afterlife began with a simple, straight-forward interview with Nathan, the creator of Nathan's MUSCLE Page. Tortle, weary of the interview, blasted Nathan...

...and, with the author of the site cremated, Fox and Tortle ceased to exist as well. Our heroes found themselves in Limbo, reliving past events regarding their father figures that shaped their lives.

After spending some indeterminate time in Limbo, Fox and Tortle discovered what would be their afterlife reward... an eternity in Hell! But, after quickly outsmarting Satan, Fox and Tortle seized control of Hell!

Satan was not to be discouraged, however, and designed a special Hell just for Fox and Tortle... a Hell with clich├ęd content, cheesy jokes, and horrible web design... the Hell of an "Ate My Balls" page!

Fox and Tortle were so impressed by Satan's creativity that they returned control of Hell over to him. There is only one place left for them to go...

Writer and Digital Artist: Nathan Newell
Fox and the show concept created by Darrin Vindiola
Tortle created by Nathan Newell

Although I took photographs of all the toys and digitally composed each image, I obviously didn't take the beautiful background pictures shown in this episode myself. I used the following images as resources:

"Pearly White Gates":