Fox and Tortle Show, Episode III


Okay, you know what to do.

Yes. The payment had better be in my bank account by morning.

Of course. But Fox and Tortle are the ones who will really pay!! BWA, HA HA HA!!!

Welcome to the Fox and Tortle Show! Our guest tonight is one of the big screen’s hottest stars, Brad Pitt! He’s here to promote his new movie, ‘Fight Club’! Stay tuned for this exclusive interview! Now, on with the show!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the ever amazing and handsome Brad Pitt!


Umm... I always thought that you were less of a fat ass, Brad.

Tortle, please! How about a little curtesy for our guest?

Now, Mr. Pitt, you’re one of today’s hottest movie stars, even though your fame rides primarily on your appearance and not your pathetic acting ability. Your new movie, ‘Fight Club’, is playing everywhere as we speak. Could you tell us a little more about it?

The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.


Did kids ever make fun of your name when you were growing up, Arm Pitt?

Tortle, please control yourself! Have a little respect for this incredibly famous actor! Anyway, Mr. Pitt, in your new movie, you play somebody who gets into alot of fights, even though everyone can tell from your wussy pretty-boy appearance that you haven’t gotten into a fight a day in your life. Did you have to do any special training for the movie?

The second rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club!




Greetings, fools!

Wigglytuff!!! What have you done with Brad Pitt?!

You pathetic simpletons! Brad Pitt was never scheduled for this show! I arranged the whole thing!

But why?

Because my mission is to ruin your show! And I think I’ve done a splendid job at that!

We’ll see about that...

As you can see from your previous attempt, your weak weaponry may have burnt off my mask, but it has no effect on me! I will remain here and create further destruction until your show is in rubble! You cannot stop me!

He’s right, Tortle, our blasters have no effect! We’ll have to get the bouncer! Hey, Guy! We have a job for you!

What the...



Thanks, Gaiking! Man, I wonder who hired Wigglytuff to ruin our show?

I don’t know, but who wants some roast Wiggly?

None for me, thanks! Roast Pokemon always gives me gas! Well, I guess that’s all for this show, gang! Thanks for tuning in!

The Fox and Tortle Show
Episode 3
Written by Nathan Newell
Graphics by Nathan Newell
And thanks to Jordan Hartnett for his suggestions!

Fox - Himself
Tortle - Himself
Brad Pitt - Wigglytuff

and William Shatner as the crazy guy in the plane