Fox and Tortle Show, Episode II

Welcome to another episode of the Fox and Tortle Show! I’m your host Fox and this is my partner Tortle! In our ongoing coverage of the Star Wars prequel, we have an exclusive interview with the ever-popular FX-7! He promises some never before revealed details of Episode 1! Stay tuned for the scoop!

We’re back! And now, folks, please welcome your favorite droid and mine, FX-7!


Hey, FX... what happened to your arm?

Bleep, blop, geep... blarp!

Amazing! I didn’t know you were in World War II!

Blaap, beep!

No, I didn’t see you in Saving Private Ryan! Or do you mean "Saving Ryan's Privates"?


Okay gang, enough hijinks! FX, I hear you’ve come with news about Episode 1!

Yeah, let’s hear it!

Bleep, gorp geep blap! Beep boop baap! Beep!

Incredible! Well, folks, you heard it here first!

Beep beep, gorp!

What the hell did you just say?!






Tortle!!! He said "I’m sorry I had a glitch!"

Oops... I thought he said "Your sorry mom’s a bitch!"

Oh, well... anybody could make that mistake, I guess! He's kind of a cheesy droid anyway! Well, I guess that wraps up our interview with FX-7!

Fox, before we go, I want to address a very important and serious subject to the kids in the audience tonight.

I’d just like to tell them that, although our guests usually die in a fiery blast of hell from my blaster, we here at the Fox and Tortle Show in no way advocate violence. Take Squirtle here, for example. Come on out, Squirtle!

You guys aren’t going to blast me, are you?

Of course not! Come on, we won’t hurt you!

Well... okay...

See kids, even though Pokemons are MUSCLE wanna-be’s, and Squirtle is just a pathetic knockoff of me, we won’t blast him. Why? Because we want to show that we're above such senseless acts of violence.

Really? That's great, guys..!

Speak for yourself, Tortle!


HA! Man, I can't believe he fell for it!

Yeah, you’d think he’d learn from all those other times we blasted him! Well, that’s all for this show! Thanks for tuning in!

I'll get you guys... just you wait and see...

The Fox and Tortle Show
Episode 2
Written by Darrin Vindiola and Nathan Newell
Graphics by Nathan Newell
Commercial by Jason Radniecki
And thanks to Jay for his suggestions!

Fox - Himself
Tortle - Himself
FX-7 - Himself
Wussy - Squirtle

and Dolph Lundgren as He-Man