Fox and Tortle Show, Episode I

Hi, gang! Welcome to the first episode of the Fox and Tortle Show! I’m your host, Fox, and this is my partner, Tortle! Our guest for tonight is the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett! Now, on with the show!

We’re back! And now, our guest for tonight is known throughout the galaxy for his cunning bounty hunter skills and putting the moves on Jabba’s dancers! Let me introduce the only man who made the Sarlacc burp... Boba Fett!


What the {CENSORED}?!

Is there a problem?

Not at all... it’s just that you seem a little more... well... color coordinated in the movies.

What do you mean?

Well.... It's just..... Wow!....You sure look alot taller in person! And aren’t those weapons a little... how do I say this... out of proportion? Your gun is so huge you can barely carry it and your backpack is way too small! That’s not even a rocket-firing backpack, is it?

Hey, if you’re having trouble getting your rocket to fire, why don’t you try some viagra?

My rocket fires just fine! And as for my appearance, hey, you know what they say... The camera adds 2 feet to your height and several inches to your err.....weapons and stuff, heh heh!

But I've SEEN YOU on camera before, you just don't look the same.

Look, are we going to talk about my role in Star Wars: Episode 1 or not?!

That’s funny... I thought you weren’t even going to be in the next Star Wars movie.

Oh, that’s just what the producer is telling everybody so that it will be a surprise. The truth is... are you guys ready for this? I will in fact be in the next movie, piloting the one and only Millennium Falcon!

BWA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

It’s true! I read all about it over the Internet! Hey, what the...

Beat it, you oversized freak! I am the true Boba Fett!

Boys, boys... now don't start fighting! Surely you know that I am the real Boba Fett!

After all, 'Boba' is a girl's name!


Sorry, Fox, but that was getting a little too weird for me.

No problem... I was reaching for my blaster, too!

Well, I guess we're plumb out of show thanks to Tortle! And I DO mean THANKS Tortle!! I'd go ahead and do my final thought segment, but I'm mentally drained now! So I guess that’s all for tonight, gang! Good night!

The Fox and Tortle Show
Episode 1
Written by Darrin Vindiola and Nathan Newell
Graphics by Nathan Newell
Commercial for the MCW by Jason Radniecki

Fox - Himself
Tortle - Himself
Fake Boba Fett - Galaxy Cops Boba Fett
Real Boba Fett - POTF2 Boba Fett
Boba Babe - Vintage Boba Fett

and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver